Synthesis 1 and Artist Statement

Due Date: Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Submission Instructions: Fork Github repo, edit, and create pull request

Assignment Description:

The first individual project assignment will be a static website. You will use css and html to design the site. You have a great deal of freedom to pursue a topic that interests you, or to explore something new. As with all projects for the class, you will choose an option from the scenarios list. (To propose a new scenario, see the instructions on the scenarios page.) In addition to these general project requirements, synthesis 1 must:

1. have at least one data visualization element

2. make use of a public (or personal) dataset

To achieve an A on this assignment, you must complete the following components:

Component Due Date, Submission Method Grading Scheme Percent of Total Grade
Data exploration activity Homework for Feb 2 (turn in by completing Google form) Pass/fail (see policies ). 5
Data creation activity In class Feb. 14 Pass/fail (see policies ). 5
Annotation 3 Due Feb. 16, turn in by participating Pass/fail (see policies ) 5
Viz and artist statement Turned in via Github Scored on 100-point scale (see rubric ) 85


Choose a Scenario and an Individual Topic: See scenarios page .

HTML, CSS, Github:

Like the first assignment, you will make a Github Pages site with a HTML and CSS skeleton. The site could be as simple as one image and one block of text.

Viz component: Your visualization should highlight an aspect of your dataset. Think about the examples we have seen so far in class. You can make in Python (and export it as a static image) or use a javascript approach like d3 or leaflet. You can also meet with me about getting started with the Bokeh library.

Dataset component:

Turn in your dataset with the final draft by including it in your Github repository. Don't forget to cite your dataset as a source.

Website and Artist Statement:

An artist's statement addresses the ideas or issues presented in a piece of work. Your statement for this assignment should be about 500-750 words in length. Address content, design, and process. Position the statement any way that you would like, as long as it is well marked. The first-person voice is typical for these. For more information about what to include in your statement, take a look at this link