Team-Based Project and Team Member Statements

Due Date: Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Submission Instructions: Fork Github repo, edit, and create pull request (one per team)

Assignment Description:

The team project assignment will be a website that builds upon some of the ideas that you and your teammates developed for Synthesis 1 and Synthesis 2. The team project should NOT be a revision of one student's work but should be a new website with an interactive component, as well as a dataset that your team makes by hand or using code to shape an existing dataset. As with other assignments, you will use css and html to design the site. Your team will will choose an option from the scenarios list. (To propose a new scenario, see the instructions on the scenarios page.)

To achieve an A on this assignment, you must complete the following components:

Component Due Date, Submission Method Grading Scheme Percent of Total Grade
Process Assignments Completed in Class Pass/fail (see policies ).) 10
Website, visualization, dataset, team member statements, and any relevant code or Jupyter Notebooks Turned in via Github Scored on 100-point scale (see rubric ) 90


Choose a Scenario and an Individual Topic: See scenarios page .

HTML, CSS, Github:

Like the first two assignments, you will make a Github Pages site with a HTML and CSS skeleton. The site could be as simple as one image and one block of text per teammate. If you have your visualization and team member statements on separate HTML pages, everything should be linked together using a menu.

Viz component:

Same as previous assignments, but interactivity is now required instead of being one of two options.

Dataset component:

Turn in your dataset with the final draft by including it in your Github repository. Don't forget to cite your dataset as a source.

Team Member Statements:

Much like the individual artist's statements, each team member should address their contributions to the team project by analyzing things like artistic motivation, background information, process, and audience. Each statement for this assignment should be about 500-750 words in length. Address your contributions to content, design, and process, as well as the overall work of the team. The first-person voice is typical for these. For more information about what to include in your statement, take a look at this link:

Relevant Code or Jupyter Notebooks:

If your team uses raw Python code or a Jupyter Notebook for dataset creation, include any relevant .p or .ipynb files in your repo. Likewise with .r files for R, or any other languages you opt to use. If your team did all data making by hand or using a program like Excel, include versions of your dataset (e.g., raw and edited, or notes and final) in your repo.